Resolutions that work for you

You are a mammal. Don't forget that.

Why, oh why, oh why, do we pick the middle of winter to start a diet and  to workout?  It makes no sense. Mammals do not do that in the middle of winter. Can you imagine a coyote adding in a morning run, just to run?  Or a squirrel passing up food because he is starting a diet?  Not that sounds ludicrous, because it is. Yes, I am aware that we are mammals in the land of plenty and are often overfed and have too many choices. Yet, we still share a lot in common with mammals and we need to learn to work with our bodies, our species and the planet. Nature is pretty darn smart and will always win.  So instead of fighting so hard against it, learn to work with it and your health will flourish. So it’s cold, dark and over all quiet now that the holidays are done. This is a time for inner reflection, rest, quiet time, and honoring the dark. We, in North America, are tipped away from the sunlight and at almost the furthurest point away from the sun.

 I purpose a new way to start the year; do not diet. Do not deprive yourself and set yourself up for failure. Do not start a new workout routine right now. I know that most New Year’s Resolutions or goals are around health and I love that and don’t want to change that, just tweak a few things.  What if you do quarterly goals or monthly resolutions?  Then you can really work with nature, the seasons and your body.  As you move through the year, you would add your next goal when you can to the next timeframe. So if you focus on something each month, once you hit month 3, you’ll still do the goal for month 1 and 2, because by now they are a habit and you add the new month 3 goal. Imagine how much you could do for yourself in a year, if you work with nature.

Here are some winter health goals that you can work on now:

  • Take my online course, SPARK, to learn the true foundations of health, things you need to be doing each day. Sign up, HERE.
  • Work on your sleep! Americans have an insanely large sleep debt. Set a bedtime, work on your sleep routine and hygiene.
  • Give up TV /social media/both for 60 days. Your mental health will thank you. You will find you have so much more time in your day.
  • Give up plastic – move away from consuming plastic, it is bad for our world and have a negative impact on your endocrine system. Plus it never goes away, we need to stop buying plastic things
  • Move through your home purging closets and cabinets. Come spring you’ll actually want to be outside, so purge now.
  • Get a house plant or two and learn all about them to keep them alive.
  • Research farms in your area so come summer you’ll know where to get your food from.
  • Meditate or begin a meditation program.

You see if you begin to honor the seasons and work with your body, your species and your connection with Earth your health will improve too. We have a deep intuitive intrinsic connection with nature. The phrase ‘tree hugger’ or ‘flower power’ may have a lot more to it that just a hippie 1970’s phrase.


So this year, start off the year with a different kind of goal and build you way to better health! 

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