Do Not Do This

T’is the time of year for resolutions.  The bustle of the holidays is over and now things calm down for a few months. People are ready for a fresh start. They want to set goals and try to keep them up all year long.

One popular trend that swings around this time of year, year after year after year, is to start a new diet. People are really going do it this year. They are going to lose weight and keep it off. They start strong, and around mid-February they fall off the wagon. They are left feeling depressed about themselves, often stating they are “a failure,” or “they have no will power.”  They feel worse about themselves then before their diet and often times end up gaining far more than they lost.  This vicious cycle repeats itself over and over. And that person is still no where closer to a healthy body then they were before.

Diets don’t work. They don’t work because they deprive you of choice. They deprive you of the foods that you think you want. When you ‘have’ to do something instead of ‘want’ to do something you feel more apathic or even hateful about what you are doing and in the long run we don’t stick with anything that feels hateful.  Diets that have you counting anything are another waste of time. Health isn’t about counting a calorie, which when you look at the definition of a calorie it in no way relates to how a healthy body even works. I might go as far as to say it is an arbitrary number.

Do yourself a favor this year and do not pledge to start a diet of any kind. Do not subject yourself to setting yourself to feel bad about yourself. This would be insane if you think about this from afar. You willing try to do something that ends up having you feeling like you are a failure. That doesn’t feel good.

Let’s start with the great thing, you are now ready to make a change. You have decided that you “don’t want to feel like shit anymore,”  “you want to feel good in your body,”  and/or“you want to lose weight.”  I am so proud of you for realizing that you want to feel better and you are now ready to take the first step. Now that you know diets are not the first step, what should you do?  You should absolutely take my online course, SPARK. The program is designed to lead you on to the steps to create a healthy body by building healthy habits with the instructions on how to do that in a busy 21st century life.  

Spark is a daily program for 30 days. I ask that you commit 10 minutes a day to read/watch your lessons and you will learn the steps to take that will provide you with the exact how-to to learn what that body of yours needs. This is the program that will give you understanding, enlightenment and clarity about what you need to be doing, why, and best of all how.

So this year, make the resolution to SPARK your health. Spark your weight loss and your energy. Spark your body and you will find it addicting. You will see how good it can feel to be in control of your body and health.  Take SPARK by clicking here:  SPARK ME

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