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 Saving the world, One Mama at a time!  It’s a lifestyle, not a fad diet. It’s nature, not chemistry. Uncover your greatness right here, right now with us from the Inside Out.

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Hey Mama

I work with the Modern Mama. The woman who takes charge of her and her families health. The woman who wants to be in the know of what to do and why. The mama who values health, feeling good and wants to make a difference in the world. Big or little, we need you, and your health does not need to hold you back. 

You're in the Right place!

I'm a busy mama too!

And I want to make sure that you feel better, know how to fix it, and have my guidance to help make it all stick in a busy family schedule. Girl, I got you! I'm so excited to help you see how much better you can feel. Let's get started!!

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“Since that first encounter with Mandi, I have completely changed the way I view food. Both my husband and I have changed the way we eat and have in turn lost over 30 lbs a piece!

Mandi has been a crucial part of my health journey and I know many other people who would say the same. She is AWESOME!”                                              ~Lauren McCarthy  Denver, Colorado

I’ve been in your Flip Flops

Life was busy and I did what I thought was healthy. We had one baby and knew we wanted more someday. Then I had back to back miscarriages and they said, “you’re fine, nothing is wrong with you.” But I knew something was off. I pushed for more and more tests. Then they said, “Oh your eggs are behaving like they are waaay older than your body.”

They said, “No more Babies.”

Wait, what?!?! But I was healthy, I ate pretty good I thought and worked out sometimes. I took a step back from this busy life to get this right, I knew I always wanted to be a mama. This could not be the answer. There is so much ‘noise’ in this health and wellness industry, from people on social media, without any health training, pushing their program or food-like products to the millions of search results on Google.  I dug deeper, health shouldn’t be so confusing and I needed to find info I could Trust.

Mama to 4!

Hi, I’m Mandi, I am a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Looking back I realized that No one ever asked me what I was eating, how was I sleeping, if at all, what about my stress levels? I healed myself through food and lifestyle modifications. Now I want to share with you what I’ve learned. I’ve done the research for you and I promise to make it easy to understand and apply. I’ll share family friendly habits that will make a difference in your health. I’m excited to work with you!

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Did you know that when you take Vitamin D, you want to take Calcium at the same time? This pairing greatly enhaces your bodies ability to absorb the most it can. Or that Folate and B12 need to be taken together so the body can best 'unlock' it? Find out other tricks by opting in!

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