Fertility Focus

Focus on Fertility

People get so caught up in planning for baby, decorating the room and planning. We often forget that the very first room, for 9 months, is      Y-O-U.  Take the time to prepare your body for baby and give your baby the best gift you ever could, health.

Every body is different and it’s important to dive deep to what your body wants to help regain and maintain wellness. Getting personalized guidance is a great way to start. 


"We'd been trying to get pregnant for almost 8 years. We'd gone through nearly a dozen failed fertility procedures and had two miscarriages, so when we found out we were pregnant again one of our first calls was to Mandi. We opted for the Deep Dive so my wife could get the attention throughout pregnancy to carry this little one to term and WOW, what a difference. This miracle would simply not be possible without the advice and knowledge was gained and practiced the past 9 months thanks to Mandi. We were able to balance our new healthy habits with our normal way of life." P & N Busch, Austin, TX

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