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What's your body saying? Take advantage of a FREE 20 minute phone consult & get a personalized nutritional analysis.

Our Services

All packages are available nationwide and into Canada. Online courses are available worldwide. Any one-on-one session are via phone/teleconference. Payment plans can be arranged.

Your Story

During this initial interview we will go over ‘ALL the things,’ that got you to this point in life.  This is the starting point for all 1:1 appointments.

Spark +

30 day online course AND 30 minute personalized call with Mandi.

DIY Online Courses

Check out the many different online courses available. Aimed to get you to your goals in this fast paced busy life.

Power Hour

You, me, ANY topic. We can develop a plan for you to move forward to get the results you want.

Deep Dive

In 6 sessions we will dive deep into what your goals are and make the plan to get you there.

6 Month Packages

These amazing packages help you get deep to the root problem, testing is included.

Mama's Lose Millions

Finally lose the weight with a holistic approached designed to last much longer than a fad diet.

Seasonal Detox

Sync your body with nature for added  health support during seasonal changes. Only open 4 times per year. 

Corporate Services

Healthy Employees= more productivity, less sick days, and a more positive work culture.

My Favs

Check out some of my favorite products. I test out everything on my own family of 6!