6 Month Packages

6 Months until a new you.

I offer two comprehensive 6 month packages designed to get to the deepest root of the problem(s).  Testing is included, as I always say, “Test. Don’t guess.”

Lifestyle Upgrade

3 Lab Tests Included

Personalized Protocol and Continuous Support

The Conserige

Everything from the Lifestyle Upgrade PLUS

All Supplements during your protocol*

Custom Food Meal Plan for 6 months

*see package flyer for all the details

What People Are Saying

"When I started seeing Mandi I was suffering from severe debilitating fatigue and desperate for help. After just a few months of working with her my fatigue, digestion, and even my EYE SIGHT got better. That's right - my eye doctor told me my vision had improved and we were going to adjust my contact lenses accordingly. I was SO amazed and impressed by my health improvements and saw such success that I wasn't even expecting. Mandi is understanding, empathetic and a valuable resource. She gave easy to follow instructions and explained everything in detail. I highly recommend her and so thankful for her services."
Jessica Fenlong
Summerville, South Carolina
"Mandi is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to natural living for the whole family! I would refer to her in getting to the root cause of any health issues."
Meg Vogt
Erie, Colorado

Tell me where to start

Are you yearning for a new, improved you?  Are you ready to wake up with more energy and enthusiasm that will be maintained throughout the entire day?  Are you finally ready to feel so good you can take on those challenges and opportunities you’ve put on the back burner for so long? Are you ready to live with fewer aches and pains? Are you ready to finally function with a clearer mind and outlook? Yes, Yes, Yes, but where to start?  Will it be hard? I will guide you on how to transform your lifestyle into the healthier one that you’ve always said you were going to do but never actually started or stuck with it.  My 6 month packages will have you feeling better than you ever thought possible. In depth 1-on-1 sessions will allow us the time needed to dive deep into your current health and create a customized guided plan to get you to your optimal health. I will make it not overwhelming or scary.                                                                                           

Joy H.

Denver, CO

I am so thankful for Mandi, her guidance, and amazing coaching. Before working with Mandi,
I had tried working with many different doctors and providers to solve my long-term
GI issues without any real results. Mandi figured out what was causing my issues,
worked with me to get them fixed, and get me feeling even better.
She was extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient throughout the whole process.
I really appreciate that she listened to me and took the time to explain “the why” behind
her recommendations and the supporting science.