Deep Dive

Deep Dive

6 sessions

The Plan

What people are saying

"I have to admit that I felt a bit like a phony, especially when it comes to health and wellness and I thought I knew a thing or two about health and nutrition...turns out not even close. When talking with Mandi you genuinely feel the compassion she has for you and explains things is ways that are easy to understand. My husband and I joke, "What would Mandi do," when we are making health related choices for our family. I consider her a great friend even though I've never met her in person. Mandi is one of the greatest blessings to me, this year, and I am forever grateful for her continued guidance."
Erin Graham
Clearwater, Florida
"We'd been trying to get pregnant for almost 8 years. We'd gone through nearly a dozen failed fertility procedures and had two miscarriages, so when we found out we were pregnant again one of our first calls was to Mandi. We opted for the Deep Dive so my wife could get the attention throughout pregnancy to carry this little one to term and WOW, what a difference. This miracle would simply not be possible without the advice and knowledge was gained and practiced the past 9 months thanks to Mandi. We were able to balance our new healthy habits with our normal way of life."
Pete, Niqui and Cooper Busch
Chatsworth, California
"Mandi has been an absolute blessing to my family. Forget everything you think you know about health and wellness and tap into her vast knowledge and up-to-date information. She's helped us combat; sleep issues, fatigue, sickness, acid reflux, headaches and much more. Best of all she's educated us on how to reach and maintain optimal health through nutrition and everyday practices."
Sherry Stroud
Navaroo, Alabama

I'm Ready for a Deep Dive!

In today’s fast pace world we often forget to take care of ourselves. We instead fixate our attention and time on our children, careers, pets, husbands/wives, friends, siblings, parents, neighbors, (you get the picture). Simply put we cannot be the best mama/dad, wife/hubby, friend, career women/men, etc. if we are not taking care of ourselves and giving our bodies what it so desperately needs to sustain health and energy and combat sickness and even disease. Let’s do this together! By working closely in 6 1-on-1 sessions we will identify what your body needs to ensure you’re taking optimal care of yourself. By doing so all those who depend on you will thrive even more as well!  After completing the Deep Dive Package you’ll have the foundation and knowledge to accomplish your health goals and ultimately excel pass them!