Power Hour

Power Hour

3 sessions

Personalized Nutritional Guidance

What People are Saying

"I reached out to Mandi to talk about my son, we'd seen some of the most brilliant minds in the US, but I wasn't getting the results nor answers that I wanted. I consider that interaction with Mandi, the beginning of the more incredible life changing journey. I could never put into adequate words what Mandi has done for myself and my family, but in short I would say she opened my eyes to a world I never knew...the truth! She thought me that the body is amazing and when we give it what it needs big changes happen. She gave me hope."
Mandy Elmore
Kentucky, USA
"When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, so much had changed. I had made changes to my lifestyle since having my first and knew how to approach clean living and natural solutions to wellness in other areas but NOT pregnancy and child birth. Mandi was a huge encouragement to me. The time she took to walk me through how to advocate for my body and my baby, the suggestions she made for nutrition and the mental push she gave me to empower me as a Mom were such a gift. I am so grateful we connected and that I was able to have her coach me through my pregnancy. I look forward to having more babies just to be able to work with Mandi again! THANK YOU Mandi! You are giving people something super special!"
Mary Laird Garrison
South Carolina, USA

Let's Power

These appointments can be anything you want them to be. Whether you are just needing some personalized advice for where you are in your journey (prepping body for future baby, birth/ post partem, college reunion, hormones or gut issues, etc.) or if you are ready to take on your journey one step at a time. The first appointment will dig deep into your health story to uncover your health needs and discuss your health goals and objectives. This will allow us to identify some great first steps to help you get to achieve your goals. Where we go from there is up to you!