Custom Path

You Choose

Anything you want to work on- this is the place to be! Oftentimes you have something specific that you’d like to work on, say an annoying rash or super bad PMS.  This is the right place.  Others are ready to take control of their health and want to work from a preventative angle. This is the right place for you too!

Personalized Path

The place to start is with a personalized one on one appointment. Over 90 minutes we’ll discover what your body have been through over the past 20-60 years and what it is asking for. 

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“I reached out to Mandi to talk about my son, we’d seen some of the most brilliant minds in the US, but I wasn’t getting the results nor answers that I wanted. I consider that interaction with Mandi, the beginning of the more incredible life changing journey. I could never put into adequate words what Mandi has done for myself and my family, but in short I would say she opened my eyes to a world I never knew…the truth! She thought me that the body is amazing and when we give it what it needs big changes happen. She gave me hope.”

~M.Elmore Glasglow, Kentucky