What’s your Holiday Wellness Plan?

You know the drill, you do pretty good all year, trying to keep up with your wellness goals and then October hits and BAM- you lose all control and begin by diving head first into the bite sized candy bars to emerge about three months later from 12 dozen holiday cookies wondering, “what the heck just happened?” 

This year is a bit different than most as the holiday parties are mostly canceled. However, I would be willing to bet that the loneliness, seperation and boredom will cause holiday weight gain to be one of the highest years on record. And that my friends is not going to do you any favors or set you up for health. 

Take a moment and fill out this Holiday Plan to help you through the rest of this year.   Download the Holiday Wellness Plan: HERE. Taking the time to anwser these questions will help you to prioritze health when your neighbor sweetly drops off another 24 holiday cookies. Getting clear on what matters to you, helps you stay stronger when faced with tough choices. 

Preventation in health is a much more favorable than the cost and pain of diseaese. When we have a game plan we fare better than just going through something like a free-for-all. Since your health is important to you, you’ll be glad that you took the time to give yourself a plan to finish the year strong.  Maybe make those cookies that you want, save 6 and give the rest away.  This way you are not deprived yet, you are not going overboard. 

This holiday keep your health in the forefront of your mind. Now more than ever before your underlying health is of utmost importance. It is imerpative that you turn it around and get it working for you. I can help.  Schedule a 1:! appointment with me today. 

If you feel lonely and are thinking of sucide, please know that you are not alone and there are people around the clock that will anwser your call. Click here for the number: CALL HERE.  

You are worth it. You are important. We need each one of us here on Earth. We are all here for a reason and it is important that you know how much we need Y-O-U. No one else can do it the way you can, we need you here. 


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