Team Nutrition For The Win!

Team Nutrition

The GOAT is still going. What? I’m talking football, Tom Brady, has demonstrated that he is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT), in his sport. I’ve been a fan of Tom Brady not because of the actions on the field, but off it. How is it that he was, at age 43, the oldest football player in America to start a Super Bowl? How is it that he has been able to play in 10 Super Bowls and win most of them?  How is it that as part of a sport known for injuries, he is still strong?  How is it that while most of the players in his industry have bodies that fall apart after their time in the league, yet he doesn’t?  

After reading a lot about Tom’s habits over the last few years I have come to learn that he has taken a different route to taking care of his body and health. He deviated from the pack, so to say, and it shows. He does extreme care to eat very clean wholesome foods. He focuses on organic plants and well sourced meats. He prioritizes water. He takes care of his body. When you do this over time it builds a stronger, healthier body.  You can see when you compare Tom to his peers’ that this makes a huge difference. For these reasons I say that Team Nutrition won the Super Bowl this year. And by Team Nutrition I mean Tom Brady and me. He is an example of what a healthy aging body is capable of doing.  

Now let’s talk about you. Will you be able to compete?  (For us non-professional sports players, this means in life) Will you make it to the end of the season aka end of life?  Or will you end up on the injury list?  I’ve got news for you, you are the MVP of your life and it is up to you to determine how  long you want to stay in the game.  If you are unsure of where to start, I will be your coach. I have the game plays, the equipment and the most importantly the expertise to help you on your game journey. It’s never to late to start, but you just have to start. Contact me for a 1:1 or FREE consult. Click here:  CONTACT MANDI


PS- Tom Brady I would like to interview you for my #pretendlifestyleshow, An Apple a Day, on my social media channels. Have your people talk to my people and let’s get this scheduled. 


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