Back To School: The Healthy Version

Bring Your Healthy Habits To School!

It is here. Time for morning routines, lunch prep and homework.  Over the last few years you have increased your healthy habits in your life and your home. You don’t have to sacrifice those during the school year.  Following is a list on how to “healthify” your school year!  

When you choose true health it is better for you and the world.  All the suggestions that I recommend below are made from materials that are better for you and then by default the world. You don’t want food sitting in plastic or non-food grade metals, etc. 

Healthy Lunches

Send you child with real food lunch and snacks. Skip the packaged food.  When using real foods you will need the following containers to keep everything fresh. 

  • Choose a reusable lunch box.  I like these:  lunchbox,  Lunchbox and lunchbox
  • Choose reusable sandwich bags. I like these:  paper sandwich bags  and  reusable bags
    • !! You can save an estimated 500 plastic sandwich bags per year PER child!! PS- these bags don’t go away, plastic bags can take 20 years at a minimum to break down if exposed to perfect decomposition conditions
  • Choose reusable food containers for those items that will not fit in sandwich bags. I like these:  Containers and containers
  • Choose a clean thermos. For warm soups, I like this one: thermos
  • Choose a clean water bottle. Most of us are super dehydrated. We need to make sure that children are drinking water all throughout the day and not from plastic water bottles. We also want to make sure that the metal water bottles are the safest metals.  I like these:  bottle 1, bottle 2 and bottle 3

Healthy Routines

  • Make sure that you give your child plenty of time to wake up and eat breakfast. No one likes to be rushed.
  • Designate a place that the backpack and lunch box lives. Teach your child that every day when they come home they can place their items in their special place. Helping to keep your house picked up.
  • Make sure all screens in the home are off for the 2 hours before bedtime. 
  • Get to bed at a reasonable time. So kids are not over tired. Most children ages 5- 13 need  9-11 hours of sleep per night. 
  • After school make sure to get your kids outside and into nature for at least 45 minutes, in any weather.  This can be coupled with movement. 
  • Keep sugar in take low. High sugar consumption can negatively affect your immune system. Keep it working well by not consuming a lot of sugar. According to the WHO, children can have 10 grams of sugar per day or less. 
Let me know what your favorite back to school healthy habits are! 

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