Do you need an armpit mask?

Would You Block A River?

This river flows daily through this little town and often carries off with it toxic waste from a factory up the way. Would it be wise to block this river?  I think the town people would see that if they chose to block this river to make a lake, it would not be in their benefit. You see as the water backed up the toxins would accumulate and begin to cause havoc. They might start killing off the local ecosystem. They might create a situation where the water it too polluted to swim in. 

This little story is a bit similar to your armpits. What on Earth am I talking about?    In the body we have a few “rivers.”  These are the ways in which the body rids it self of toxins. Our urine, stool and sweat.  These are detox pathways. The body know to add toxins into these things to get them away and out of the body quickly.  We’ve bought into the fact that we should stop our sweat with antiperspirants. We are literally stopping the flow of toxins out of our body and keeping it stuck in the body.  I remember reading if you divided your breast area into four equal quadrants, the quadrant that goes up towards the armpit had more cancer tumors than the other quadrants. This leads one to believe that those lymph are very full of toxins or more so than the other areas, why would that be?   It’s time to ditch the antiperspirants and start using a clean deodorant only. When you do you’ll need to do an armpit mask to help pull out the build up of stink – yep it’s true.  I’ve heard many people switch to a cleaner brand and then switch back because they  feel it doesn’t work. You need to give your body time to acclimate and doing an armpit mask helps. Check out the video below for info on how. 

You’ll want  to only use a  clean product on your armpits. Think about it, the amount of pores in this one area is huge. This is where your body releases many toxins. You don’t also want to cover those pores with harmful ingredients, like why is there aluminum in deodorant anyways?  Here are a few clean deodorants to try:  Beautycounter – this one is great as it comes in different scents and you can return the packaging to get a refill. Better for your pocket book and for the Earth!  You can also pick up the charcoal mask on this link too. Get it: HERE.   I also love this one too- made with activated charcoal. Get it: HERE.

Here’s a tip, before you put on deodorant, put lemon juice on your armpits, it helps to neutralize the bacteria that make you stinky. Just don’t do this after you’ve shaved your pits- it stings- BAD.

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