Mama Bears Wellness Cabinet

Mama Bear's wellness cabinet

The air has that crisp and the leaves are starting to change color. That means one thing to a mama. Prep all your wellness cabinet remedies to have you prepared for the upcoming winter season.

The winter season often brings sickness with it.  Why?  There are a myriad of reasons. More time indoors, less nature time, more reculed dry air, less sunshine, usually eating more sugar and on and on. 

This gentle rub is one of my favorites to use during a cold, espically one with a cough.   

For very littles, place it on their feet only. (Under 2 years)

For over 2 years, you can rub it on their feet and their chest.  We keep this around and use it all winter long, as needed.  This rub is nice because all the ingredients are real and whole and not from any chemicals or harsh ingredients.   

 As always, this is NOT medical advice. 

Whip up a batch to try and load up all the other tools you use for a wellstocked winter wellness cabinet. 

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