Fertility Begins in the Gut…

Why does your gut environment affect your fertility?

In short, fertility is a secondary system within the body. Is it important? YES! The goal of being a successful species on planet Earth requires us to be able to reproduce. However, it is not the main function of the body, nor does it impact being able to keep the organism alive.

If your gut is out of balance, it will absolutely affect your fertility and your monthly cycle. Your gut is an ecosystem of it’s own that has direct connections with other ecosystems within the host (that’s you). Research is showing more and more that the gut environment is one of the major control centers of the body, if not the main one.

When you have digestive dysfunction, poor eating habits, inflammation, etc., you’ve created a very different environment than one that has great digestive function, proper fueling of the system and low to no inflammation.  In the first environment the host will experience many symptoms that are far from normal, yet they are common; constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, etc.  The host may find that her hormone levels are not optimal. Her digestion may be impaired. Is she even breaking down her fats well?  Without fats one cannot make hormones well, as fat is a building block for hormones.  Could this be skewing your hormone levels that affect how fertile you could be? Even something as seemingly simple as constipation could tip your body into estrogen dominance, which tips the scale of balance out of favor.

Is your liver handling the toxins in your life well? Or maybe is your liver is having a hard time processing these toxins and so it makes it harder for your liver to handle any estrogen conversions.  Is your body tipped towards estrogen dominance? This will show it’s effect in your estrobiome, found within your microbiome and gut environment. Is there so much inflammation within your gut that your body is having a hard time making the conversions that affect your endocrine system?  Especially thyroid hormones? As you can see trying to work on fertility alone and ignoring all of these underlying connections and scenarios is a recipe for disappointment. You see the system will not give you the optimum output unless you work to rebalance the deep down parts.


Confused on where to start?  Ready for a truly personalize plan that balances what you need and addresses the deep down gut work? Then it’s time to start working with me. You can start today, just hit the services tab and click the ‘ready to start’ button.

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