What is Cradle Cap telling you?

Cradle cap is so common we think it’s normal. But what do we say around here? Just because something is common, doesn’t mean it’s normal!!!  Cradle cap is baby’s body way of telling you, “Hey, my microbiome is off.”  This could be due to a lot of different factors, but bottom line their body needs more support. Check out my Apple A Day, pretend lifestyle show, episode about cradle cap to learn all the details!  If you like my show, make sure you are following me on Instagram or facebook @mandivucich, I post an episode a week.

The products that I mentioned in the video are these:  Squalane Oil  and the best comb (with teeth, I know now is what those are called- ha ha!!) Comb . You can also grab this clean shampoo and soap for baby:  Honest Company Soap

You’ll also want to hit up your local health food store and grab powdered infant/toddler probiotic from the refrigerated section only. Don’t order this off the web – it needs to be kept cold!  Powder is best for the littles, you can place the powder right on your nipple before you nurse.  If your child is older you can mix the powder into their food. 

And snuggle that little one! They grow so quickly that you just have to soak up that little baby of yours. Comment below how this works for you!

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