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How many products do you use each morning?

 The average woman uses 20 products each morning, which could amount to 168 chemicals! As I leaned into this health lifestyle, I learned the products I was using on my babies and myself were full of harmful chemicals that had been BANNED in other countries. WTF? So I decided to start making my own. Yes, lotions, shampoo and even toothpaste. Well some things turned out better than others, the shampoo incident was terrible! As a mama I know that showers are hard to come by and here I was freshly showered and it looked like I hadn’t showered in a decade, I was a total greaseball!  Enter Beautycounter, A company that stood for doing it right (meaning without the harmful chemicals) AND the products actually worked. Oh and I didn’t have to try and make them anymore. I know how important this is to YOUR HEALTH and so I had to share this info with everyone.

The Never List

Beautycounter will not use approximately 1500 chemicals in their products. Why? Because these commonly used chemicals have not been found safe for humans!! For real! So make sure that you aren’t using these – anywhere. (Hint: check other items in your kitchen and laundry room too)

Safer Yet High Performing

I know you think ‘safe’ may not always actually work. Beautycounter IS different, give it a try. With a great 60 day return policy, it is risk free! With 4 skin care lines you can mix and match based on what your skin truly needs. Take a customized skin quiz to help you know where to start

What Are The Top 6 Offenders?

Overwhelmed about where to start? I get it, to make it manageable start with the Clean Swap. These are the 6 products to change first. These are the 6 worst offenders, replace them with effective products with cleaner ingredients.

Love for Beautycounter

"I am an independent consultant with Beautycounter. I never realized there is a lack of regulation in the skincare and beauty industry. I was seriously surprised to hear there is very little oversight into what is going into our products. Approximately 80% of the ingredients in the personal care industry have never tested for human health! After I learned this, the first person I thought about was my daughter--I do my best to give her healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle. She goes to a great school and has great friends. We all want the best for our kids, right? I never considered the products she was using on her skin could affect her health, even long-term...possibly lead to early onset of puberty and the chemicals could remain in her system for a very long time. When Beautycounter came my way, it was a no-brainer to change her products to safer products. She is my biggest Beautycounter fan now by far! And now I can’t get enough of it either."
Lynn Christensen
Evergreen, Colorado
"When it comes to clean skincare, Beauty Counter is a must have! I have had sensitive skin my entire life and problems with blackheads. The Beauty Counter pore cleanser has been a life saver in helping clear my skin and not breaking me out. The company is dedicated to changing the game of makeup and skin care and it shows."
Kala Cordova
The Woodlands, Texas


California Crafted

From the Outside In: Safer Skin Care

As a Beautycounter user and Director I would love to create a skin care regimen customized for your own unique needs. My goal is to help you look your best without the use of harmful chemicals. That’s what I call a win-win!
Mandi Vucich
CEO and Founder of Inside Out Health Company

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The Facts:

Did you know skin is your largest organ? What you absorb into your skin is just as important as what you put in your body.  Here are a few shocking statistics:

– Personal care products in the US are virtually unregulated.

– The law governing our skin care has not been updated since 1938.  

– Less than 10% of the 85,000 chemicals used today have been tested on human health.

– There are roughly 1400 chemicals found in US skin care and makeup products that have been banned by the European Union.

Beautycounter (think Counter Revolution) has developed skin care products that are high performing and safe. These products are rigorously tested so they never contain over 1500 chemicals that have been deemed unsafe for human health.  Unfortunately, these same chemicals are found in nearly all other skin care lines on the market today. Beautycounter has personal care product lines for everyone. Infant, teen to senior, male or female, these products will have you looking and feeling your best.