boost your health!

You've SPARKED your health and now you are ready to BOOST it! 6 week online course with me as your virtual nutritionist guiding you on the way!

6 Modules


Start with the most critical system of the body and make sure your body is operating at peak performance


Learn how this impacts your health and ensure that your's is set up to help you succeed.

Blood sugar

With an estimated 90 million Americans in pre-diabetes state, it cannot be denied that blood sugar is critical to your health. Learn how to spot signs your's is out of whack.


Our bodies are made to move. Discover tips and tricks to fit even more movement into your day to help you build a strong body.


Dive into the body cycles and learn how to work with them and not against them for optimal health.

Body Language

Our bodies speak to us every day. Learn how to become your own translator to identify what your body is telling you and how to fix it.

You've built the foundations. Now let's build the castle...

Build on the SPARK you’ve created to further your wellness journey, BOOST it!  In BOOST we will focus on the language of the body and how to listen to it to curtail common women woes; like whacked out hormones, sleep issues (it’s 3 am why am I awake??) skin troubles, low energy and low libido. BOOST your health to the next level.

This 6 week online course will build on the knowledge and lifestyle habits that you have already built as a part of SPARK. I’ll make this as easy as possible for you and help you take it to the next level.  You’ll have the guidance and personalization that would normally cost your thousands of dollars and best of all, you’ll get connected with our community. Community = support!  And yes, you can still have your wine.  Only $139.95!!  (Pre-rec required:  SPARK program)

Love for Boost

I took both Spark and Boost and after those classes my life began to change for the better. I took the tips and tricks Mandi provided in both classes and incorporated them into my life, one by one, bit by bit. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that after that I was finally able to, after 10+ years of “trying” to incorporate exercise into my life, actually do it. I have made so many little changes that I feel better. I have more energy, enough energy to crave exercise rather than dutifully perform exercises at times because it feels like the adult thing to do. At 38 years old, I have finally started to lose weight and keep it off and I entirely credit that to fundamental changes I’ve made to my lifestyle that I learned in Boost. The tips and tricks turned into lifestyle choices. From what I buy (and don’t buy) at the store, to morning and evening rituals that have a positive impact on me and my families health. As a busy mom of two extremely active children and working full time, I appreciate that she has done all the research and provides principles based on extensive research and time committed to studying the intricacies of health. Coming from the medical industry I also appreciate that she gives her rational for making every healthy change which always makes sense physiologically, biologically and mentally. I felt so passionate about my new lifestyle, it must have shown on the outside because people began asking questions about how I was able to lose weight and why I was glowing. After telling them about Mandi’s classes, many of those people are now signed up for Spark and plan to continue through Boost because the results are undeniable.
Katie Marquardt
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
BOOST is all the information I needed to continue my education and health after SPARK! Mandi provides such amazing information in such a fun and relatable way, it was actually something I looked forward to doing in my routine! I took all the fundamentals I learned from SPARK and took them to the next level! It helped me dive deeper into the needs of my body and the relief of symptoms! I found that I was no longer thinking about what and how to implement these things in my life, I just was! My mood and anxiety is under control, my hormones are more balanced than I thought possible, my sugar cravings are non existent and I am empowered! I feel like a whole new person, and it is all because I BOOSTED my knowledge and how care for my body!
Meg Fink
Littleton, Colorado


How Does Boost Online course work?

Boost is a 6 week course. Each week you will have 4 lessons. The first will introduce you to the topic of the week and the next 3 will teach you signs to watch for and how to fix them.  Each module is packed full of handouts, videos and informative content to make sure you can understand this body of yours.

after spark, why do i need to continue on?

Spark is only the beginning. You can do so much more to control your health and take more ownership for your body. This next step will teach you a lot more that you can do to support, well, Y-O-U!

I'm Really Busy, can I fit boost in?

Boost will take about 10 minutes or so to go through each lesson. Then you can dive into implementing this in your lifestyle. This will fit into any busy woman’s life.

How long will i have access to the content?

You will have lifetime access to the content,  so you can go back and re listen to a lesson or module as you need to.

why do i have to take spark first?

Yes, Spark contains the very first step, the basic habits that must be in place before anything else can be added on. If you are neglecting your Spark habits, things will suffer down the road. You can’t built a house without the ground floor, Spark is similar to that.

What is your refund policy?

Your satisfaction with Boost is important to me. Yet, because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into providing this service to you, I have a no refund policy. Unless otherwise provided by law, you understand and acknowledge all sales are final and no refunds will be provided at any time.

See results

Implement the lessons from Boost into your busy life and see how your health will change. Finally, solutions for issues that have been bothering you for a while.

Boost your confidence in understanding your body

Boost will give you the confidence to know what is normal with a human body and what is not. More importantly, what to do when you have symptoms that your health is off #HIO. $2000 of value plus $1000 in bonuses. Instead of $3000 I’m bringing all of this to you for $199.95!

Lots of Bonuses!!

Boost your immune system

Learn how to boost your immune system and what to do even if you end up getting sick.

boost your detox

Learn a bit more on how the body detoxes and what you can do to support it.

boost your fertility

Learn common culprits that can be sabotaging your fertility or even just your normal hormones and cycle.

boost your exterior

You’ve been doing a lot of work on the inside, learn how to boost your outside to show the radiant side of health.