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Tired of endless searching for honest, reliable, health & nutrition information?

Take just 10 minutes a day to a better you with my online courses!

You spend hours searching online for the answers to your health questions, now you can SAVE time by learning from the best. I give you the information that matters, the tips to fit in into your lifestyle, and we have fun all along the way! You'll be connected with an online community so you are never alone.

Online Courses

Available worldwide. These multimedia online courses can be done on your time. I come to you in your world.  You win- you get amazing knowledge, learn how to fit these habits into your lifestyle and so much more. From recipes to handouts to the bonus content found with every course, you’ll have a hard time not moving on to the next course. 


30-day online course to get your started on the right path. This is THE place to start!

Spark +

30-day online course with all the goodies AND 30 minute personalized call with Mandi


It’s time to BOOST your health and take it to the next level.      Pre -rec: Spark

Eating For Two

Have the healthiest pregnancy! Learn how to best nourish your baby and yourself!

Spark for Kids

Start them young! Healthy kids grow up feeling great, excelling at school and fit for life. Light the spark of health!

Spark for Pets

Pets are part of the family too! In this 10 day course learn how to best support your pets health.

Get Your Glow On

Get glowing with this awesome skin challenge!


Get Your Gorgeous On

Put your best face forward. Over 10 days learn makeup tips and tricks.

The Homestead

Does your home support your health?  Find out as we move through every room in your house and give it mini health upgrades.

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“I am super sad I am coming to the end of SPARK. I have loved every second of it. SPARK is incredible!!! Mandi Vucich is incredible!! I have worked with Mandi before to help me get on track and she set me up with a lot of knowledge but I absolutely still benefited from SPARK and everyone should do it!!”  Meg Fink Littleton, Colorado

Fits in EVERY schedule

Life is busier than ever. With my DIY courses, you decide when to add it into your day. Each course is designed to go with you and can be done on your phone, tablet, or computer. This way you can fit it into your seconds here and there. While waiting in carline, during your lunch break or even as dinner cooks. 


Why an Online Course?

Goes With You

You can take your course ANYWHERE around the globe. The course is designed to work on any technology.

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